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Olivia Jacksons accident at "Resident Evil" (Triggerwarning)

Saturday, 05.09.2015 -
First day of shooting -

A fight scene in bright sunshine on a moving truck was on the shooting schedule. However, Olivia's planned assignment wasn’t exactly an open and shut job, as they say.

But more about that in a moment.

She waited around for ages until it was finally clear whether it could go off.

She doubted ‘if' right from the start, because it was rainy an wet. The days before the shoot the sun was beating down, hot and dry, in a way that was so typical for the country. The weather forecast promised that the weather would continue like this for the entire following week. They weren’t wrong, but as mentioned above: On the day in question, the weather was grey, dark and wet.

The crew agreed that the planned fight scene on the truck could not take place because of the rain. According to the script, it needed sunshine. "But could we still shoot some motorbike riding?" said the producer. In the script the fight scene was to be immediately followed by Olivia jumping on a motorcycle on a platform on the side of the truck, popping a wheelie, jumping the motorbike off the side of the truck and riding away.

It didn’t make sense to film the motorbike scene because the weather would need to be the same as the fight scene. But typical of producers, the crew are all already on set and getting paid, so they should shoot something at least.

Olivia waited at her number 1 position, alone with just 1 AD under a bridge 800m away from the crew. In front of her was a long desolate road that was, of course, closed to all other road users. The road was scattered with various car dummies lying around, so that everything looked like an apocalyptic world. There was an overhead bridge at each end of the road and under one Olivia sat on her motorcycle. At her side: the ass